2015 season is almost upon us

The waiting is almost over; the new, 2015 season is almost upon us. My wife and I have been travelling over the last few months; we’re relaxed, refreshed, and ready to welcome a whole host of first timers, as well as veteran holidaymakers, to the Turkish Riviera.

We’ve got plenty of bookings already, but, if you’re looking for holiday inspiration this summer, this could be the year that you consider crewed boat rental in Turkey, sampling everything that the Turquoise Coast has to offer, aboard one of our fabulous vessels.

We’d simply love to have you aboard.

Whether you’re eager to visit some of the attractions in Kas, such as Kaputas beach and Lion’s tomb, intrigued by the snorkelling tours on offer throughout the region, or simply want to experience the decadence of living aboard an exclusive yacht charter in Kas, Turkey, the opportunities for relaxation and exploration, in the Turkish Riviera, are endless.

If you’ve never been on a cruise before, we, here at Boat Trip Turkey, offer a wide range of packages to suit every taste and budget. We are dedicated to ensuring that we provide a unique, custom-built experience for all our guests.

Unlike other crewed boat hire companies in the region, we work with you, to help you put together a package which encompasses everything that you want to see, as well as that little bit extra; we believe we offer some of the most comprehensive and enjoyable private boat tours in Kas.

Whether you find yourself dining al fresco on the top deck of one of our boats, while the sun sets, charging through the crystal clear waters on our sea scooters or water skis, or searching for the Lost City of Atlantis, aboard one of our Kekova boat trips, our devoted team are here to cater to your every whim in 2015.

If you want to know more about what we have to offer, feel free to drop us a line on +90 542 731 23 58 and one of our knowledgeable staff will be more than happy to answer any of your queries.

Once we’ve answered all your questions, and you’ve made the decision to book with us, it’s time to put your feet up, relax, and prepare yourself for the experience of a lifetime.

We can’t wait to welcome you aboard!

Local Facts and Information

One of the 7 regions in Turkey, The Mediterranean Region boasts its many prominent touristic destinations. Kas is a district of Antalya province and 189 km from the city. Kas is the coolest town across the Mediterranean coast of Turkey in the summertime yet where the temperature never drops below 0°C in winters. It lays 160 km. from Dalaman airport and 192 km. from Antalya airport, and can be accessed by bus as well as airlines.

There are plenty of bays in the vicinity of Kas, presenting diverse cultures and historical background. The region ranges on the foothills of the Toros Mountains and it has steep and rugged terrains. Most particularly, Kas Kalkan-Kekova region hosts fascinating bays and crystal clear waters for yacht charter passengers. The Mediterranean climate is prevalent in the region where the weather is usually hot in summers. It’s also a favourite route for sailing fans due to the strong summer winds.

Kas Kalkan region is the top choice for boat trips. Many alternatives are available for newcomers wanting to take boat trips or make crewed yacht rentals or gulet charters. It is more attractive than the rest of the Mediterranean region because  of it’s uniquely appealing bays, clean waters, and rich cultural heritage. Notably, Kas is a very  prominent  destination among all due to Kas attractions and Kas activities. Kas and its surroundings attract a great number of tourists who  would like to take a relaxing  holiday but also visit historical remains as the region has a properous background dating back to the Lycian age.

Unlike many other resorts in Turkey, Kas is a quite peaceful town since it’s small and boutique hotels, friendly guesthouses, and private mansions have been built throughout the town rather that large 5-star hotel complexes  offering all-inclusive packages.

Things To Do In Kas

There is a wide range of activities in Kas for its visitors. Kas is definitely a favourable destination for boat trips and boat charters. You can take daily boat trips or choose yacht charters lasting for several days to sail for new experiences in life. Plus, you can travel to the lovely little Greek Island Megisti (Kastellorizo – Meis) by ferries leaving Kas harbour everyday or by renting private boats.

Moreover, Kas is a premier diving center in Turkey. Every year, thousands of local and foreign tourists visit the region for diving. For its underwater wrecks, caves and canyon, Kas is a heaven for divers. Underwater Kas attractions can be listed as follows: Asirli sea cave, Guvercin Ini sea cave, Blue Grotto, canyon, sunken fighter, and shipwreck. Things to do in Kas aren’t limited to diving. Another option for those seeking infinite excitement is paragliding. You can do paragliding with reliable equipment, guided by experienced trainers. Kas is one of the most suitable locations for paragliding in Turkey, considering its land formation and climate. Other Kas activities are kayaking, fishing, and sunbathing on local beaches.

Where To Go In Kalkan

Similar to Kas, Kalkan is another resort with exquisite beauty. Especially, Kalkan mainly attracts British tourists with its spectacular local hotels, guesthouses, stores.


There are various attractions in the vicinity of Kalkan and Kas. The most popular highlights are the worldwide famous Kaputas beach, Patara beach that ranges on a broad coastline, a real natural wonder,Saklikent canyon, Belenti that houses several rock tombs and Lycian type sarcophagi dating back to Roman period, and the former Lycian capital; Xanthos. Similar to Kas,there are many things to do in Kalkan, a wide range of options.You can reach Kalkan from Kaş very easily and quickly.

Kas is one of the exceptional destinations in Turkey, with its intact natural beauties such as breath-taking bays, turquoise waters. Kas activities and Kas attractions invite visitors old and new to see it’s unique treasures.





It is hard to write brief information about Kekova, it has to be seen to be understood.Your lasting memories of this hidden paradise will be all the myriad shades of blue and green in it’s texture and  pure waters, it’s  rich history, and it’s exquisite nature welcoming all  visitors.  For these riches Kekova attracts  thousands of tourists every year to this region of historical value which is situated between Kas and Demre districts of Antalya. The most spectacular ancient remain in the region is the fortress on the top of a hill built by Knights of Rhodes (Knights Hospitaller). The wall fragments below the sea level and the old pier carved into the rocks are also worth visiting.

During the Lycian period, most of Kekova Island submerged due to earthquakes. That’s why the region is also referred to Sunken City. Facing Kekova, it’s Kalekoy (also named as Simena) where you will notice a 300-seat theatre carved into the rock within the Medieval castle on the hillside. At the same time, you’ll see totally lovely houses and restaurants in Kalekoy. Local girls and young women display their traditional handicraft works at these restaurants.

You can get to Kalekoy and Kekova only by boat.

Kekova region is a must-see for sailing routes of all yacht charters as Kekova has everything a tourist is looking for: a long-established historical texture, the purest bays of the Mediterranean, a unique nature, a rich cultural heritage. As for other Kekova facts, the ruins of Lycian tombs can be found in Ucagiz harbour town within the boundaries of Kekova region.


One of the most tranquil sailing routes for boats, Kekova is the most suitable location for those who not only seek escaping  from noisy city life and spending holidays in a peaceful environment, but also those who want to stay in the middle of pure nature and the sea. To note some more brief information about Kekova, the accommodation options available are rather limited as the region is still untouched and small in area. With just  3 guesthouses and 1 boutique hotel, Kalekoy cordially receives its guests, who seek peace. You can both swim and make excursions to the historical ruins there.


There are utterly lovely restaurants and cafés in Simena. While the restaurants usually serve daily fish meals, they also offer all types of food and drinks according to your request. If you wish, you can take the small tour boats to Ucagiz, departing from Simena and eat at the restaurants there.


Kekova is a quite pristine region and hence, there are no entertainment facilities available. However, we should note about Kekova facts on nightlife that there is a bar at Gokkaya Bay, accessible by boats only.Your music is the sound of the sea,your sparkling lights the stars above.


There are no big stores or gift shops in this small friendly town. But if they wish, our guests can choose to buy some of the delicate handicraft work of the local girls and young women in the island as a memory from Kekova.


The region is famous for its breath-taking bays and the sunken city dating back to the  Lycian period. If you like, you can rent a crewed yacht exclusively for you or join the boat trips for groups in this region so that you’ll have the opportunity for swimming in the charming bays which are accessible only from the sea, and closely exploring the sunken city. Sports fans can enjoy the sea kayak tours organized at Ucagiz. They will be able do watersports, swim, and discover the sunken city in the meantime.

If history and nature are your passions, you can take hiking trips in the region to explore the ruins dating back to Lycian and subsequent periods.


To give some brief information about Kalkan, we should first note that it’s a small harbour town 30 kms from Kas, which has a beauty resembling a fine painting. A quite vibrant town in the summetime, Kalkan is renowned for boat trips, yacht charters, bars, hotels, guesthouses, and fish restaurants as well as local attractions and various activities available in town.

Kalkan facts about its history are as follows: A town aligned to Kas district, Kalkan was founded by the merchants residing in Megisti Island nearby during the Ottoman reign, and was a prominent port of the age. But later, the role of maritime trade activities in the region diminished with the opening of the  Antalya road and hence the merchants deserted Kalkan.

Today, foreign residents of Kalkan are mainly the British. The famous Classical historian Herodotus referred to Kalkan as, “The Closest Place On Earth To The Stars”. With its pristine natural beauties and the ancient Lycian remains in its vicinity, Kalkan is a notable touristic destination in Turkey of global significance.

Kalkan is divided into three quarters by land. The first one is used as a bazaar today and includes narrow streets where old houses line each side. The landside quarter is a rather new settlement with estates and new developments. These mansions are generally built on the slopes for the impressive sea vista’s. Finally, the last quarter contains splendid hotels and mansions. A prominent touristic destination like it’s neighbouring town:,Kas, Kalkan is very close to Patara Beach, Kaputas Beach, and Blue Grotto, which are famous attractions in Turkey, and draw thousands to Kalkan every year.

The main economic  income for is Kalkan is tourism and  local people are striving to protect the historical texture of Kalkan. Please contact us for more detailed Kalkan.


Kalkan is a resort with ever-increasing tourism potential, with it’s marina serviced by advanced yachting facilities, bars, and fish restaurants. Besides its energetic nightlife, Kalkan offers several restaurants inviting you for idyllic seafront dining underneath the stars. You can take a seat at one of those excellent restaurants arrayed along the harbour and watch the breath-taking sunset and fishing boats.

Just like Kaş ,when eating in Kalkan you can find selections from various cuisines of the world as well as Aegean and Mediterranean style meals.

After a delicious dinner by the coast, now it’s time to party! You can enjoy yourself at your favourite bar and meet new people there. Please contact us for more details on Kalkan facts about entertainment facilities.


Let’s introduce you some other Kalkan facts about it’s places worth visiting. One of the most attractive attractions about Kalkan, Islamlar village, 6-7 km from Kalkan is a heaven on earth for it’s lush,endless  greenery. Having lunch in one of the several restaurants available in this village, where it is cool even in the summertime and trout farming is carried out.

Another highlight during your visit to Kalkan is the Blue Grotto, limited to sea access only. You will be able to see this unique natural formation by renting a boat from Kas or Kalkan. By taking a boat trip, you’ll be also able to visit the sunken city nearby. Don’t miss the worldwide-famous Kaputas Beach and the second longest beach in Turkey, Patara Beach, where you can enjoy sunbathing and swimming.


Located right between Kas and Kalkan, you can access exceptionally beautiful Kaputas Beach both by road and by boats which you can rent from Kas or Kalkan.

Most of the beaches in Kas-Kalkan region consist of pebbles. However, Kalkan is quite close to Patara Beach with it’s exquisite sand. You will be easily able to visit Patara Beach as a day trip as it’s close to Kalkan. For those who choose to stay in the town, Kalkan Beach with little pebbles and the other small beaches are available.

Boating Life

To watch sunrises and sunsets off shore, to start the brand new day breathing the smell of freah,clean air and tangy  sea water or navigating along the deep blue sea free from rush of big city life. Boating life is a pleasure like no other. The sound of the waves, smell of sea water, delicious food, courteous service, calm and peaceful holidays. Our boat trips offer  a range of options to our boating guests, addressing the tastes of all age groups.

Our  gracious team of staff welcomes our boating guests as soon as they step on our boat and as far as possible, our staff will be at our guests’ disposal for anything they need during their boating holidays.

Our guests can sunbathe on the deck, read their favorite books, or jump into the cool waters of the Mediterranean when we anchor into the matchless bays of Kas Kekova region.Be comfortable,our boat is your boat!

Many may wonder  about what to do on boat to have pleasant time or whether they may be bored, but there are countless activities to do on a yacht charter. Joining in pleasant talks with travelmates and playing board games, backgammon, rummikub, scrabble and  uno are just a few examples. Moreover, all our guests can swim using the goggles, flippers, and snorkels available on our boat, catch the different species of fish endemic to Kas region with our fishing sets for free, explore among the beauties of the sea driving our sea jet, practice sports using our equipments like paddle board and kayak. Our guests will have a more cheerful holiday as they benefit from all these free-of-charge pieces of equipment on  board. There are also paid-activities such as water ski-ing and ringo’s are also available for the watersports fans among our guests. On our Kas Kekova trip, our guests will stay overnight in different bays and our boat will set sail during the day depending on the wind conditions.

The Kas Kekova region is a paradise for boat trips as well as being able to boast about its rich historical heritage. If requested in the course of our yacht charter, our guests can go ashore to visit the Lycian ruins in the vicinity of Kas Kekova region and take a walk among the historical sites guided by our captain.

On holidays, many are concerned with questions about food. Particularly, our guests on yacht charter will probably wonder about the meals to be served on the boat where they will spend their whole holiday. Since our boat will be privately rented to you, you will be asked to fill out the information form in advance to note your food preferences and mention any  food allergies or special dietary requirements. Thereby, our chef will be able to cook delicious meals including all-fresh vegetables and fruits for you.

You won’t believe your eyes as the day fades away so quickly both in serenity and adventure, and you’ll fall asleep in ultimate peace below the stars,lulled by the gentle swaying of the boat like a baby in a cradle. You will feel the pleasure of boating life to your heart’s content.





Kas welcomes you with its fascinating distant panoramic views as you head to the town. To give some brief information about Kas and it’s geographical location, we should draw a rectangle between Cukurbag Peninsula, the lovely Greek island Megisti (Kastellorizo), Inceburun Cape and Uluburun peninsulas – where the remains of the shipwreck currently exhibited at Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archaeology were unearthed. Although  it’s a very small town in terms of land, Kas has a well-established history. It’s separated into two quarters by the shops aligned on the left hand side of the main avenue. The shops, restaurant, and bars surrounding Cumhuriyet Square forms the town centre of Kas and is ever-dynamic. You can have wonderful time in Kas as it offers a broad range of activities and there are many stores available for shopping. Kas square is literally the heart of the town pulsing with human and vehicle traffic in the narrow roads dating back to the old Lycian city and the friendly side streets. Some other Kas facts are the shops arrayed on each side of its most famous avenue Uzun Carsi, its charming old houses embellished by paper flowers, its exceptional natural beauties, cultural heritage, and unique distinctive style.


Let’s give some brief information about Kas accommodation facilities.Despite it’s small size, Kas hosts plenty of hotels and holiday accommodation.Briefly, you will come across guesthouses, boutique villa’s, apartments, camping  far more often than huge hotels operating all inclusive resort style accommodation. There are over 125 facilities to stay in Kas, offering all types and systems of accommodation suitable for your needs.

You can jump into the cool waters of Kas from the platforms built by hotels on rocks or you can choose to rent a boat in Kas Marina to visit the fascinating bays in the region.


While the famous Mediterranean diet is dominant in the town, Kas is a crossroad of international cuisines with it’s variety of restaurants offering a large selection of regional and national dining options suitable for everyone. Most of the restaurants there are located around the square facing the harbour and at side streets. Guests visiting Kas experience a real feast while dining in the garden restaurants adorned by lemon and olive trees – typically Mediterranean! Dining in Kaş with it’s own inimitable style is a true delight.


The bars and cafés in Kas, where you can have great times, are usually located around the city square and the shoreline facing the marina, the departure point for boat trips and yacht rentals. You can also come across different types of entertainment in side streets and garden lounges. The Mediterranean nights start with sweet melodies of Turkish music as well as pop, jazz, and rock genres and continues until late night without disturbing the silence and peace which so many guests seek here  . Please contact us for more details on Kas facts about entertainment facilities.


You arrived in Kas, settled at where you’ll spend your holiday, had dinner, and then stopped off somewhere for entertainment at night. What about other days? We feel responsible to give you some brief information about  activities around Kaş which are available in countless options for everyone. You can see the mesmerizing turquoise bays (most are without road access) nestling in all shades of blue by boat trips and yacht charters. You will also have the opportunity to see the sunken city near Kas. You can also go diving to explore the underwater treasures.

If you want to have the ultimate excitement and see Kas from a bird’s eye view, then paragliding is a perfect choice for you. Other activities like jeep safari tours, sea kayak are also available.

(For detailed information on Kas facts-activities, please see the following page: Activities and Services.)


You can find all types of conveniences from supermarkets and small shops  in Kas. Shopping is a real pleasure in this town so we want to give some brief information about Kas shopping. You can find a huge range of products suitable for every budget such as souvenirs, ancient and modern style silver jewellery, local rugs and carpets, antiques, and products of handicrafts like glassware, ceramicware, fine porcelain items, copperware. You can also visit the marketplace where every Friday a local bazaar is opened and you can buy fresh fruit and vegetables produced by local villagers. Please contact us for more detailed Kas facts.


One of the hottest resorts in Turkey, the average water temperature is Kas doesn’t fall below 160 C even in January or February. The closest beach to Kas is Little Pebbles Beach lying just on the east of Kas Marina and serving many hotels and guesthouses nearby. You can jump into the sea off the platforms in front of the hotels and guesthouses at Little Pebbles Beach. Another beach is Big Pebbles Beach, only 1 km from Kas, and you can access it easily either walking or by minibus. Due to the cold water streams in the vicinity, the sea water temperature at this beach is cooler compared to other beaches nearby. Referring to its name, this beach is larger than its sister: Little Pebbles Beach. There are restaurants and various service facilities  along the beach and it’s a quite pleasant place to spend your day with your family. Harbour Mouth Beach consists of several small beaches near Kas. Since Harbour Mouth Beach doesn’t have road access, you can only go there by small boats departing from Kas once in every quarter hour. The other options you can pick for swimming  around Kas are Hidayet Bay, Incebogaz Beach, and Akcagerme Beach.


Kaş, sizleri daha şehre girmeden karşıladığı manzarasıyla büyüler. Kaş hakkında bilgi vermek gerekirse; Çukurbağ Yarımadası, tam karşısındaki şirin Yunan Adası Meis, İnceburun ve sualtında keşfedilmiş ve şuanda Bodrum Sualtı Arkeoloji müzesinde sergilenen gemi batığının çıkarıldığı Uluburun yarımadaları…Kaş, hepsini küçücük bir yere sığdırmış ama kocaman bir tarihe sahip bir beldedir.

Kaş sağlı sollu dükkanlar eşliğinde ikiye ayrılır. Cumhuriyet Meydanı etrafındaki dükkanlar, restoranlar ve barlar Kaş’ın nabzının attığı yerdir ve devamlı hareket halindedir. Birbirinden farklı aktivite seçenekleri ve alışveriş yapabileceğiniz dükkanları ile Kaş’ta hoşça vakit geçirebilirsiniz. Kaş meydanı, eski şehir Likya’nın kalbi olan küçük caddelerine ve şirin ara sokaklarına akışın sağlandığı merkezdir. En ünlü caddesi olan Uzun Çarşıda bulunan dükkanlar, begonvillerle sarmalanmış eski evleriyle sizi kendine aşık eden Kaş, benzersiz bir doğal güzelliğe, kültürel mirasa ve kendine özgü bir tarza sahiptir.



Küçük bir yer olmasına rağmen Kaş, oteller konusunda oldukça zengin bir yerdir. Her şey dahil turizm anlayışından farklı olarak Kaş’ta pansiyonlar, butik villalar, apartlar, kampingler daha çok gelişmiştir. Kalabileceğiniz her tarza ve her türlü tatil anlayışına hitap edecek geniş yelpazede 125’ten fazla kalacak yer mevcuttur.

Denize girmek için kayalıkların üzerine oturtulmuş otel platformlarını kullanabilirsiniz veya büyüleyici güzellikteki kaş koylarını görmek için limandan tekne kiralayabilirsiniz.


Genellikle Akdeniz mutfağının hakimiyeti görülse de her bütçeye uygun, çeşitli bölge ve ülkelerin damak zevklerini sunan restoranları ile Kaş, uluslararası mutfakların buluşma noktasıdır. Kaş restoranlarının çoğu limanın karşısındaki meydanın çevresinde ve ara sokaklarında yer alır. Kaş’a gelen misafirler için de Akdeniz’e özgü limon ve zeytin ağaçlarıyla süslenmiş bahçeli restoranlarda yemek yemek tam bir şölene dönüşür. Herkesin damak zevkine uygun, birbirinden farklı restoranları sayesinde, akşam yemekleriniz keyifli geçer.


Gece hoşça vakit geçirebileceğiniz barlar ve kafeler de çoğunlukla tekne turlarının düzenlendiği limana bakan kıyı şeridinde ve meydanda yoğunlaşmıştır. Ancak ara sokaklarda ve bahçeli mekanlarda da değişik zevklere hitap eden yerler bulabilirsiniz. Türk müziğinin yanı sıra pop, caz ve rock eşliğinde başlayan Akdeniz akşamları, sessizlik arayanlara herhangi bir rahatsızlık vermeksizin gecenin geç saatlerine kadar devam eder.



Kaş’a geldiniz, kalacağınız yere yerleştiniz, yemeğinizi yediniz ve sonra bir yerde oturup eğlendiniz. Ya diğer günler? Kaş’ta yapabileceğiniz şeyler bu kadarla sınırlı değil elbette. Kaş’ta her yaştan her kesime hitap edecek aktiviteler bulunmaktadır. Karadan ulaşamadığınız mavinin her tonunun bulunduğu turkuaz rengi güzellikteki koylara tekne turları ile ulaşabilirsiniz. Sualtının güzelliklerini keşfetmek için dalış yapabilirsiniz.

Biraz daha heyecan yaşamak istiyorum ve büyüleyici güzellikteki Kaş’ı tepeden görmek istiyorum derseniz yamaç paraşütü tam size göre. Bunun dışında jeep safari turları, deniz kanosu gibi değişik aktiviteler bulabilirsiniz.

(Detaylı bilgi için sitemizdeki Aktiviteler ve Hizmetler bölümüne bakınız.)







Her türlü ihtiyacı karşılayan büyük marketlerin yanı sıra çok sayıda küçük dükkanı da bulunan Kaş’ta alışveriş yapmak tam bir eğlencedir. Hediyelik eşyadan eski yeni gümüş takılara, yöresel bölgesel kilim ve halılardan antika eserlere, cam, seramik ve porselen işlerden bakır gibi el sanatlarına kadar farlı ve her keseye uygun ürünler bulabilirsiniz. Cuma günleri kurulan pazardan, köylülerin kendi tarla ve bahçelerinden getirdikleri taze sebze ve meyveleri satın alabilirsiniz.




Türkiye’nin en sıcak bölgelerinden olan Kaş’ta su sıcaklığı Ocak Şubat aylarında bile 160 C’nin altına düşmez.

Kaş merkezine en yakın plaj, tekne turlarının düzenlendiği Kaş limanının hemen doğusunda yer alan, çoğunlukla otel ve pansiyonların yoğunlaştığı Küçük Çakıl Plajı’dır. Küçük Çakıl’da yer alan otel ve pansiyonların önünde bulunan platformlardan denize girilmektedir.

Bir diğer plaj olan Büyük Çakıl Plajı, merkeze 1 km uzaklıktadır ve isterseniz yürüyerek isterseniz dolmuşlarla çok rahat ulaşabilirsiniz. Çevresindeki soğuk su kaynaklarından dolayı Büyük Çakıl Plajında deniz suyu diğer yerlere göre daha soğuktur. Bu plaj Küçük Çakıl Plajından biraz daha büyüktür. Çevresinde restoran ve tesis bulunmaktadır. Tüm günü ailece, zevkle geçireceğiniz bir yerdir.

Limanağzı Plajı, Kaş’ta bulunan ve birden fazla plaja sahip bir yerdir. Limanağzı’na karadan ulaşım olmadığı için her 15 dakikada bir Kaş’tan kalkan küçük teknelerle buraya ulaşılabilmektedir. Hidayet Koyu, İnceboğaz plajı, Akçagerme plajı Kaş’taki diğer alternatif yerlerdir.

Mavi Tur

Mavi tur tecrübesi doğanın güzelliklerini keşfetmenin yanı sıra ruhunuzun gençleşmesini ve tarihle iç içe olmanızı sağlayacaktır. Her yıl binlerce insan tatil için Kaş bölgesine gelmektedir. Herkesin amacı yılın yorgunluğunu güzel bir tatille atmak ve güzel hatıralarla Kaş’tan ayrılmak. Karada geçirilen günlerin yanı sıra denizin o eşsiz güzelliğini yakından görmek ve daha sakin koylara giderek denizin sessizliğinde ruhunu dinlendirmek tatilinize zor bulunur bir renk katacaktır.

Kaş bölgesinden birçok alternatif tur bulabilirsiniz. Burada en önemlisi hangi turun sizin isteklerinize cevap verdiğidir. Teknenin size özel olması özellikle hanımefendilerin daha rahat hareket edebilmelerini ve kendilerini daha rahat hissetmelerini sağlayacaktır. Kaş’ın sahip olduğu eşsiz güzellikleri denizden görmek anılarınıza tahmin edemeyeceğiz renkler katacaktır. Bazı turlar ile Yunan adalarına da giderek benzer kültür ama farklı dilde bir adanın tarihi derinliklerine yolculuk yapacaksınız.

Arzunuz yüzmek, küçük koylarda pırıl pırıl sularda serinlemek, tarihi hazineleri keşfetmek, gecenin karanlığında yıldızların altında romantik bir akşam geçirmek ya da sadece kendinizi güneşin sıcak ışınlarına bırakmak olabilir. Amacınız ne olursa olsun mavi tura katılmak vereceğiniz en önemli ve en doğru tercih olacaktır.
Şehrin gürültüsünü arkanızda bırakın ve masmavi sulara yelken açın…

Welcome Aboard

Join us on one of Mediterranean’s most recognizable boat for an experience that is second to none. Allow Captain Ergun & First Mate to guide you around the waters surrounding Kas to Kekova and come, see why it is called the “Pearl of the Mediterranean”

Come to see what can be seen only from a boat and leave with a lifetime of memories and stories. We have many different trips to satisfy your tastes and adventure styles, or come up with your own itinerary and the boat is yours for the day.
Our boats are ideal for couples and groups who would like to spend the day or couple of days in a more private setting. The guests decide when to cruise to each destination and everyone on our boat is a V.I.P. Cpt. Ergun prides his self in offering a five star service at a three star price.

Our many years of sailing experience, thousands of charters, and local knowledge will ensure a wonderful, safe, and fun time. We take a maximum of 6-12 passengers, and so, offer unequaled personal attention: uncrowded comfort with room to stretch out for each of our guests and no lines for snorkel gear or food.

No matter what trip you choose, you’ll enjoy delicious food and drinks, and a memorable day of sailing, snorkeling and swimming in the dazzling Mediterranean sea. None of our competitors comes even close to our quality of service for groups of 6-12 passengers. We offer several varieties of sailing trips.

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The Blue Voyage

The experience of the Blue Voyage enables you to explore the beauty of nature while being immersed in ancient history and rejuvenating your spirit.  Every year thousands choose Kaş area for their holidays with the aim of freeing themselves of the exhausting and weighty work schedules and routines with a peaceful holiday full of remarkable memories.  Beyond the experiences land has to offer around Kaş, to maximize your Mediterranean experience, to feel truly intimate with the sea, travellers wishing to complete the colour palette of their time spent in this region will rest their spirits anchored in its quiet bays.

It is possible to find alternative tours in the Kaş area of course.  The important thing is to select the tour and boat that fulfil your specific desires.  To hire a private boat will give you and your friends and family absolute privacy and freedom, a certain amount of control over the journey. To see and experience the beauties of Kaş from the sea will add unimaginable colour to your memories.  You can also travel into the depths of history in a Greek island that has similar cultural backgrounds, but a different setting and language.

Your aim may be to cool off in the crystal clear waters in small bays to discover treasures of history, or to spend a romantic evening under the stars at night if not to just soak up the sun’s light.  Whatever your aim may be, your decision to take a Blue Voyage tour will be the most important decision of your trip.

Leave the noise of city and crowds behind and point your rudder towards our turquoise-blue Mediterranean waters.