Best Snorkeling in Kaş, Kalkan and Kekova

The person seeking a snorkeling holiday has a number of requirements. Among them is lots of clear, blue and warm water in which to swim, beautiful surroundings and superb, exotic sea life to enjoy when he or she gets “down there.” It also helps if he or she has access to snorkeling equipment, a sea scooter and an underwater camera when he or she arrives at their diving destination.

The experienced snorkeler knows that snorkeling is hungry business and would like to eat delicious and ample foods at intervals along his trip. He also wants to enjoy his snorkeling holiday surrounded by fellow divers and friends.

If this sounds like you, then snorkeling in Kaş is likely to be your ideal holiday.


Food for snorkelers

On snorkeling trips in Kaş, our guide will always accompany you every step of the way. The price of the trips include the use of vital equipment, such as snorkels and fins, goggles and masks; all new and good quality.

Snorkelers can also use the sea scooter and sub aquatic camera. In addition, our boats are fitted with VHS cameras, life rafts and radars, and equipped with lifejackets and fire extinguishers. Everyone on board is expected to obey the safety rules, as laid out by the Captain, at all times.

You can hire a boat on a daily basis or avail of one of our weekly voyages. Depending on the terms of your trip, your boat can host between six and twelve people daily, and between six and eight people on a boat that has been hired for a week. The price of our voyage includes three daily meals, prepared by the on-board chef, plus limitless water, tea, coffee and fruit.

Our day trips are inclusive of lunch, prepared on board while you are enjoying the morning excursion into the sea. Sample menus include Turkish mezes and grilled kebabs, all prepared from fresh and organic ingredients.

The many good reasons for diving deep

One of the beauties of snorkeling in Kaş is the sheer number of places to which you can travel. No one on a serious snorkelling holiday should miss Aquarium Cove. True to its name, the clear blue waters are filled with exotic sea creatures, making the experience almost like swimming in an enormous glass tank. You can visit Aquarium Cove on a Kaş – Kekova day trip or as a location on our Kaş – Kekova and Kaş – Antalya voyages.

Shipyard Cove, near Kekova, is the site of an earthquake that pulled apart the Lycian coast nearly two thousand years ago. Historians believe that it may be the site that gave rise to the legend of Atlantis. Diving to the sea floor to see the ancient homes and roads that were swallowed by the sea is one highlight of snorkelling in Kaş. You can visit Shipyard Cove on our Kaş – Islands tour or as a location on our Kaş – Kekova voyage.

No serious snorkeling holiday in this part of the world should exclude Kaputaş Beach. Landlubbers can only make the journey by foot, which means walking down to the beach in the blazing sun. Holidaymakers on board one of our boats, however, can simply sail into its harbour and gasp at the sight of the beige sand against the clear turquoise of the water – no surprise that it has been called one of the world’s most beautiful beaches.

Not far away is the Mavi Magra, or Blue Cave, and, really, the only way to see it is by putting on snorkelling gear and diving in. Near at hand again is Güvercin or Pigeon Island, so-named because of its extensive bird population. However, its surrounding waters cover the stone sculpture of a shark – what more could a snorkeler want to dive down to?

You can visit both Mavi Magra and Pigeon Island as part of the Kaş – Kaputas tour. You can also visit Pigeon Island as part of the Kaş – Islands tour or as a location on the Kaş – Kekova voyage. If you are really seeking adventure on your snorkelling holiday, then do not neglect to dive with us off of the Greek island of Kastellorizo, where we explore an underwater canyon and a shipwreck.

And finally..

Snorkelers can also revel in the Kaş – Full Moon Tour, which includes a swim in the magical, moonlit waters off Besmi Island.

There are many more snorkeling locations around Kaş, Kalkan and Kekova; taking a dip, for example, in the cool waters of Kalkan Bay. And while solo snorkeling can be fun, most snorkelers feel safer and have more fun in the company of other enthusiasts, on our snorkelling trips in Kaş.