Kekova Charter holiday | what to visit when in Kekova


It is hard to write brief information about Kekova, it has to be seen to be understood.Your lasting memories of this hidden paradise will be all the myriad shades of blue and green in it’s texture and  pure waters, it’s  rich history, and it’s exquisite nature welcoming all  visitors.  For these riches Kekova attracts  thousands of tourists every year to this region of historical value which is situated between Kas and Demre districts of Antalya. The most spectacular ancient remain in the region is the fortress on the top of a hill built by Knights of Rhodes (Knights Hospitaller). The wall fragments below the sea level and the old pier carved into the rocks are also worth visiting.

During the Lycian period, most of Kekova Island submerged due to earthquakes. That’s why the region is also referred to Sunken City. Facing Kekova, it’s Kalekoy (also named as Simena) where you will notice a 300-seat theatre carved into the rock within the Medieval castle on the hillside. At the same time, you’ll see totally lovely houses and restaurants in Kalekoy. Local girls and young women display their traditional handicraft works at these restaurants.

You can get to Kalekoy and Kekova only by boat.

Kekova region is a must-see for sailing routes of all yacht charters as Kekova has everything a tourist is looking for: a long-established historical texture, the purest bays of the Mediterranean, a unique nature, a rich cultural heritage. As for other Kekova facts, the ruins of Lycian tombs can be found in Ucagiz harbour town within the boundaries of Kekova region.


One of the most tranquil sailing routes for boats, Kekova is the most suitable location for those who not only seek escaping  from noisy city life and spending holidays in a peaceful environment, but also those who want to stay in the middle of pure nature and the sea. To note some more brief information about Kekova, the accommodation options available are rather limited as the region is still untouched and small in area. With just  3 guesthouses and 1 boutique hotel, Kalekoy cordially receives its guests, who seek peace. You can both swim and make excursions to the historical ruins there.


There are utterly lovely restaurants and cafés in Simena. While the restaurants usually serve daily fish meals, they also offer all types of food and drinks according to your request. If you wish, you can take the small tour boats to Ucagiz, departing from Simena and eat at the restaurants there.


Kekova is a quite pristine region and hence, there are no entertainment facilities available. However, we should note about Kekova facts on nightlife that there is a bar at Gokkaya Bay, accessible by boats only.Your music is the sound of the sea,your sparkling lights the stars above.


There are no big stores or gift shops in this small friendly town. But if they wish, our guests can choose to buy some of the delicate handicraft work of the local girls and young women in the island as a memory from Kekova.


The region is famous for its breath-taking bays and the sunken city dating back to the  Lycian period. If you like, you can rent a crewed yacht exclusively for you or join the boat trips for groups in this region so that you’ll have the opportunity for swimming in the charming bays which are accessible only from the sea, and closely exploring the sunken city. Sports fans can enjoy the sea kayak tours organized at Ucagiz. They will be able do watersports, swim, and discover the sunken city in the meantime.

If history and nature are your passions, you can take hiking trips in the region to explore the ruins dating back to Lycian and subsequent periods.

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