Time to Set Sail!

Close your eyes and imagine yourself on the deck of a boat.  Imagine that you are cruising with your privately hired crew and vessel on a Blue Voyage taking you through the pristine bays and small islands around Kaş, Kekova and Castellorizo (Greece).  We bet this image stirs excitement within: it doesn’t sound so bad, being with your friends and family far away from the suffocating bustle of city life!

What precisely does a Blue Voyage offer to you?

-Peaceful swims in serene bays
-Exploring history submerged underwater
-Pleasure of voyaging around sublime natural settings
-Sunbathing on deck, reading a book in the shade and chatting with friends and family
-A unique panoramic view of Kaş and its coastlines from the sea perspective
-Soaking up ancient history of Lycian ruins
-Experiencing Greek culture and architecture
-Joyful journey with a happy crew
-Unbeatable memories to return home with
-Many other unpredicted experiences and activities

Message from the Captain

As a captain, I have taken hundreds of different people on these tours: I realize the impact of my profession every time I see the smiles on the faces of my guests.  I am sure that my occupation is the very best one imaginable:  I myself never tire of the extensive and stunning beauties of the natural environs in and around Kaş.

These days people work extra hard and look forward to their summer holidays.  I highly suggest Kaş for primary consideration as holiday destination for such people: a small coastal town in Turkey, it has successfully preserved its natural landscape and offers incomparable beauty and leisure activities.

Imagine being on a holiday only to enjoy the very same beach day after day.  Of course everyone wants a holiday with relaxation and fun.  But with a Blue Voyage, you get all this and more: you get to change the setting of your beach and swimming excursions several times a day!  That is, a rare opportunity to combine complete relaxation while also travelling about, exploring new frontier—let us put in the effort of travelling while you read your book or enjoy a coffee or tea on deck!

As you finalize your holiday plans, please keep in mind that our “Mavi Tur” or Blue Voyage just might be the dream vacation that you have always wanted to take.

Excuse me please as I must now embark on another magical journey with our newly arrived guests!

Hope to see you here too!