The Evocative Ruins of Ancient Lycia: Part 1: Aperlae

The sunken city of Kekova is perhaps the most famous of the ancient 1000-year (and older) Lycian ruins in the Kas region. They are a commonly regarded as a must-see on most cruising and sailing itineraries and indeed, they make for a great excursion. However, what few people know is that the ruins of Aperlae in Asar Bay, a few hours’ sail from Kas, are as fascinating and have an equally rich history.

If weather conditions and lack of crowds permit, it is a very worthwhile stop over on a west bound cruise with us. It is also a particularly enticing offer for history and culture buffs, as Aperlae is currently accessible only by boat. (There is no land access.) Even for sailors, the site is fairly inaccessible except during certain hours of the day, when the tide permits our entry and exit into narrow Asar Bay where the ruins are located. Aperlae is usually far less crowded during the busy summer season than other nearby attractions and swimming spots because of these factors. Its tranquillity and beauty will appeal to one and all.

Perhaps the biggest draw card of this ancient site is that, unlike Kekova which is strictly protected, one has the privilege of being allowed to swim and snorkel around the submerged ruins – a once in a lifetime opportunity for you to get up close and personal with centuries old ruins from a bygone era.

Aperlae has a truly fascinating history. Most likely established around the 4th Century BC/BCE, as minted coins from that era suggest, the city was built due to the plenitude of a certain shellfish in its coastal waters.

This mollusc is the Murex Trunculus or “Banded Murex” from which the ancient Cretans and Phoenicians were the first to extract a highly prized purple dye used to colour the clothes worn by emperors, rulers and noblemen of the time. The dye, known as “Tyrean Purple” (after the city in Phoenicia) was so expensive and hard to manufacture (it took 12,000 shellfish to produce a mere 1.4 grams or 0.05 fluid ounces) that it was worth 20 times the value of gold! This made it one of the most expensive products of the ancient world.

It was two archaeologists called Robert and Cynthia Carter (a husband and wife team) who in the early 1970s identified the secret to Aperlae’s wealth when they noticed the large middens (piles) of crushed murex shells located to the west of the main town site, and made the connection!

This industry was worth enough revenue to keep Aperlae going for 1300 years, until around 700 AD/ACE. This is when the city began to decline. It eventually fell into ruin due to the influx of pirates and Arab raiders into the region.

As with most ancient Lycian sites, you can expect a mix of ruins, spanning from the Hellenistic (pre-Christian) era to Byzantine times.

When we visit, our crew will point out the ancient sarcophagi of Lycia’s once proud rulers, now partially submerged under water, as well as the storage tanks used to keep the shellfish alive before processing. You may also see the remains of an old church, an ancient hammam (that is thought to have used seawater, as fresh water was in short supply on the arid coast) and rain cisterns (tanks) used to store fresh water for drinking purposes. Gaze at the ancient city walls up on the hill and imagine the pride that was once a thriving commercial centre, or simply frolic in the turquoise waters chasing schools of fish as they dart between ancient stones.


Caretta Caretta (Loggerhead) Turtles

See Caretta Caretta (Loggerhead) Turtles while cruising with captain Ergun

Few sights are as majestic as encountering a magnificent Caretta Caretta sea turtle swimming in the turquoise waters of the Turkish Mediterranean when snorkelling on a boat cruise with us. The coastal region where we travel is located exactly in the middle of two of the most important Turkish nesting grounds for the endangered marine species: Iztuzu Beach in Dalyan (about 170 km from Kas) and Cirali Beach in Antalya (about 100 km from Kas).

While there is of course no 100% guarantee that you will see these turtles on a boat cruise, it is good to know that one’s chances of doing so increase dramatically during their nesting season from May to July. That means late spring and summer are the perfect time for this once in a lifetime experience!


What to look for:

With years of experience sailing and diving in these waters, your captain is a turtle spotter par excellence! He will be sure to point them out to you while cruising. Should you be snorkelling, and happen to see something, here is a description of what to expect:


  • The loggerhead turtle is one of the largest cheloniid turtles. It got its nickname because it has a particularly large head and very strong jaws.
  • The carapace (shell) of a loggerhead turtle is a reddish brown and the plastron (underbelly) is pale yellow. The skin ranges from yellow to brown in colour. No external differences in gender are seen until the turtle becomes an adult, the most obvious difference being the adult males have thicker tails and shorter plastrons than the females.
  • The average loggerhead measures around 90 cm (35 in) long when fully grown, though in some instances they can grow even larger. Their heavy shells can reach a diameter of as much as one meter!
  • The adult loggerhead sea turtle weighs approximately 135 kg (298 lb), with the largest specimens weighing in at more than 450 kg (1,000 lb).
  • Interestingly enough, it also carries more encrusting organisms such as barnacles on its shell than other marine turtle species.
  • Baby turtles tend to hatch and make for the sea waters from mid-July onwards until end September. They are obviously far more difficult to spot, but who knows, you might get lucky!


It is a sad fact that these amazing creatures are currently on the on the IUCN Red list of endangered animals. In Turkey the main reason for this is habitat destruction of traditional nesting areas caused by the development of beach hotel complexes. Luckily, there is a strong conservation movement to protect them. When you have the privilege of encountering a sea turtle, please be respectful of this fact!


Seeing these amazing animals in the wild is just another of the many reasons to travel with us. It is an unforgettable experience.


Where to see baby turtles near Kas

From Kas, your best chance to encounter Caretta Caretta turtle hatchlings is to take a journey to Olympos/Cirali. Turtles have been nesting on the Cirali Beach between Olympos and Cirali for millions of years between the months of May and September. This beautiful beach, located in the Olympos National Park, is one of the most beautiful nature reserves in Turkey and is a protected nature reserve.

We will be happy to assist you in arranging transport and accommodation, should you wish to visit and experience the amazing sight of seeing newly hatched babies make their ways into the sea.

Visitors can see baby turtles if they visit the beach early in the morning during hatching season (from July to September).

Members of the Ulupinar Nature Conservation, Development and Management Cooperation will be on the beach, checking the white cages over the nests (placed there to protect them).

These people can help you observe baby turtles leaving their nests.

In order to protect the sea turtles, visitors to Cirali should stay mindful of these rules:

  • Don’t touch the baby sea turtles. It is very important that the turtles are able to travel on their own all the way to the sea in order to find the beach again.
  • Please do not walk or drive on the beach late at night during nesting and hatching season. People and bright lights frighten the turtles or cause them to be disoriented. For this reason, one should also not light fires on the beach.


Breeding Facts

Females nest an average of 3 to 5 times per season. Between 40 and 190 eggs are laid per clutch.

Eggs are always laid at night.

The mother turtle comes ashore to dig half a metre deep holes, into which the eggs are deposited. The eggs remain in the holes for approximately 50 days and are warmed by the sun. Then the young turtles hatch and make their way back to the sea. In Cirali, this pilgrimage usually starts some time in July.

On this short journey, many do not make it, as they are hunted by birds. Once in the water, they can also be eaten by other marine animals and fish and few make it to adulthood.

For parents who want to teach their children a responsible approach to nature, a stay in the Olympos National Park is ideal.



Top 4 Tips Of Cooking On A Boat

Have you planned a boat trip with your friends on your birthday? Truly, it is a great idea. But the thought of turning out good meals aboard is quite overwhelming. You might think, cooking is cooking, but it will not work. The limited stock, appliances, constant movement and heat on the boat determines the cooking process on the boat.

To make this overwhelming task easier, there are certain tips and tricks that make cooking on a boat simpler. The below mentioned four tips will make the cooking on a boat experience easier:

 1. Limited stock: Cooking on a boat is considered to be a difficult task as what is on board is all what you have got. As once you have left the dock, you will not return back if you suddenly realize that an ingredient is missing. Be it is tools, pans, provisions or recipe, you have to make a dish with whatever resources you have, until the next time you go to the store. To deal with this stress, the mantra is to:

  • Plan and make a list so that you don’t miss anything
  • Creativity is the key to success. Just remember, substitutes need not be perfect to cook a good meal.

2. Limited Space: Space is a big issue as there is limited space for stowing provisions, food preparations and for utensils and pans. This is not all, the burners are limited, smaller sink and small oven further makes cooking difficult. The best ways to deal with the space crunch are:

  • It is best to have multifunction things to save on space. Consider using the wine bottle instead of rolling pin or buy a can opener that can be used as a bottle opener or buy basic ingredients instead of specific food ingredients.
  • Don’t carry things that take too much of space for example, discard the cereal box and save the bag inside. But before you throw away anything, think about its purpose.

3. Limited water: There is a big chance that you don’t have as much as water as you will like to have aboard. So, manage with whatever water you have for cooking, drinking and washing dishes, produces and hands.

  • The key to success is to don’t waste water. Don’t run the faucet for long or don’t make extra tea or coffee as it means wastage of water.
  • If possible reuse the water. It is a great idea to use the water of canned mushrooms to make the spaghetti sauce.

4. Cooking from scratch and without electrical appliances: If you rely on packaged food or prepared food, preparing the food from the scratch on the boat might seem intimidating. The other concern might be to cook without the electrical appliances on the boat. To deal with these problems, some tips are:

  • Prepare simple dishes using basic ingredients that can be made by hand without requiring too many appliances.
  • Use the kitchen tools such as sharp knives instead of food processor and mixing spoon instead of potato masher.

The last but not the least, remember that the motion of boat also affects the cooking process. You need to consider that the boat will move erratically and the cutlery, pots and utensils might slide.

Why to choose us


Simple we get the recipe just right. We listen. We give you that experience you’ve been dreaming of while sitting at your desk at work. It’s a custom made holiday according to your tastes. While there are myriad charter companies plying their trade along the famed Turquoise Coast, our team distinguishes itself in a number of ways:



With us, there’s not stress of ‘getting lost in translation.’ We are also travellers and know the hassles involved when someone doesn’t completely ‘get’ what you want. Not only is Captain Ergun a completely fluent English speaker, he’s also great company and a good conversationalist who will make you and your family feel completely at ease and answer all your questions and queries in an informative manner. Having someone who ‘speaks your language’ in every sense of the word is worth its weight in gold when one is planning a cruising holiday or day trip.


  1. TOYS R US!

We have a great range of aquatic toys and gear on board to really enhance your experience with us. Depending on your tastes and weather permitting, you can choose from a range of awesome activities, most of which are all included in your charter fee! How about a spot of scenic snorkelling, some leisurely paddling with our kayaks or stand up paddle board? A trip on our speed boat? A spot of adrenaline inducing waterskiing? (The only activity you pay an extra fee for). Or, experience the thrill of being pulled through the water by our underwater sea scooter while fish and coral gazing? You name it, we have it. All our gear is new, in top condition and impeccably maintained. Come and enjoy.



Captain Ergun loves nothing better than putting his new Go Pro Hero 3 to good use documenting the highlights of your trip! As a special service, you will be gifted with the footage/aerial photos as a token to remember the experience. It’s a great way to show friends and family back home what you’ve been up to and can be shared on social media in real time! The footage taken with Captain Ergun’s drone is the perfect memento and a great way to re-live your dream holiday!



Captain Ergun is a true gadget fundi! For those of us addicted to social media and the web we have wireless services, iPods and all manner of toys to keep you connected with your network. There’s nothing worse than being on holiday but worrying about some emergency situation at work. With us, that is not cause for concern. That said we do encourage you to pack away that smart phone and laptop and unwind properly. After all, that is why you’re here, right? Grab a chilled glass of (really decent, we promise) Turkish Sauvignon Blanc or a chilly Efes Lager and enjoy the fresh sea air, amazing sights and soothing rhythm of on board life!

We pride ourselves on our delicious array of signature Turkish dishes. Everything is fresh as can be, lovingly prepared, served with style and takes your tastes and preferences completely into account. Our team are highly knowledgeable when it comes to local cuisine and use only seasonal produce. We conjure up an array of delectable treats for all three meals of the day, so prepare to feast! We love good food and can’t wait to share our local specialities with you.

We can’t wait to meet you and help you create some fantastic memories.

Perfect Mediterranean Holidays: Luxury Gulet Cruise Turkey

Seasoned luxury yacht charter travelers know that in all the Mediterranean, the southern coast of Turkey offers the most opportunities for gorgeous expanses of sun & sea, picturesque bays and adventure-filled diving destinations. Why do romantics who have done it all keep coming back to southern Turkey for more? Let’s take a closer look.

What Is a Gulet Cruise?

A gulet is a traditional design two- or three-masted wooden sailing vessel common to Turkey and the Eastern Mediterranean. The stylings are romantic, graceful and invite you to journey back in time to a gentler age of nautical indulgence. However these vessels also feature a host of modern amenities that optimize day cruises and multi-day charters for comfort, safety and privilege.

Gulet holidays in Turkey are an unforgettable blend of romance, adventure and opulence, a chance to truly vacation like royalty.


Luxury Gulet Day Cruises and Multi-Day Yacht Charters in Turkey

The warm, clear turquoise waters of Turkey offer an abundance of attractions, adventures and opportunities to simply relax without a care amid the sun & sea. Local highlights you can enjoy on a luxury gulet cruise in Turkey include:

  • Kas is one of Turkey’s most gorgeous fishing, diving and yachting towns. In the vicinity of Kas are more than 50 appealing dive locations, including several sunken wrecks to explore, a gorgeous undersea canyon and the famed underwater shark sculpture by renowned artist Kemal Tufan.
  • Kekova is a small island of unrivaled natural beauty. Unspoilt coves and bays are almost too numerous to count, perfect places for you to enjoy the peace and tranquility of the sea. Activities for the more adventurous include exploring ancient sunken ruins, fishing & diving, and kayak, paddleboard and underwater jet ski excursions.
  • Kalkan is another small, exquisite fishing town that hosts numerous historic sites, splendid beaches and attractive diving locations. A luxury gulet cruise to Kalkan offers you the opportunity to visit ancient locations and explore firsthand the cradle of history.

The key to enjoying your luxury gulet cruise in Turkey is to choose the best day cruise and yacht charter operator. Boat Trip Turkey is ranked on Trip Advisor as the #1 Activity in Kas. Enjoy the tranquility of the azure seas, romance amid scenic bays and coves, underwater adventures and thrilling glimpses of ancient historical sites. Boat Trip Turkey is your gateway to the splendors that luxury boating has to offer.


5 good reasons Gulet Cruise in Turkey

No one needs a reason to go on holiday. However, people do ask questions, and in case you are stuck for words, here are five good reasons why you might take the gulet cruise in Turkey of a lifetime.

1.      The beauty of it all

The coastline of the Antalya province of Turkey is one of the most beautiful in the world. The only way to see it is to go on a gulet cruise in Turkey, making use of our gulet or private boat rental. This way, you will experience the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea, the glory of the sun rising and setting, the loveliness of moonlight upon water at night and the waft of soft, sea breezes.

Of importance is the climate, with temperatures in June, July and August averaging between 20 and 30 degrees Celsius. Be aware that it can get as hot as 40 degrees on certain summer days.


2.      Daytime recreation and relaxation

On a gulet holiday in Turkey, you can undertake a wonderful range of physical activities and sports. Whether making use of crewed yacht rental or private boat rental, you will have endless opportunity for swimming and snorkelling in the clear, blue waters of Aquarium Cove and off of the wonderful Kaputaş Beach

When you fancy a break from water sports, you can take one of the many walks that the islands have to offer. Gemiler Adasi or Ships Island is the place to do just this; its special feature being a hill that you can climb and enjoy a bottle of wine as the sun is setting.

Of course, many people find that sunbathing is quite taxing enough while on holiday. Opportunities abound for this, what with lying on a boat deck in the sun or laying on one of the many golden beaches, such as Cleopatra Bay.


3.      Sail into history

The Antalya coast, site of the ancient Lycian culture, is steeped in history. And a gulet holiday in Turkey allows you access to marvels that you would otherwise only see on television. Perhaps the most historical of our trips is the Kaş – Kekova voyage. On day two of this trip, we spend the evening and night in Aperlai Cove, where you can explore Byzantine and post-Byzantine ruins.

On day four of the trip, we visit the sunken city of Kekova, another site that is rich in historical ruins. Day five brings a visit to the pirates’ cave off of Pineforest Bay, where the lucky among you may stumble upon hidden treasure. Needless to say, you can access these and many other historical sites on board a crewed yacht rental or by private boat rental. The Kaş-Fethiye-Göcek Voyage is also heavy in history. On day three, we visit Hamam Bay; a place where the divers among you can explore the ruins of an ancient Roman bath.


4.      Fabulous food and nightlife

A holiday is nothing if not an opportunity to enjoy fantastic local cuisine. One highlight of a gulet cruise in Turkey is access to a continual supply of fresh fish and other seafood. The price you pay for a gulet rental does include three superb meals each day, prepared by an on-board chef. Appetising lunches are served on every private boat rental, relished by hungry swimming and snorkelling parties.

In addition to food, there is also the nightlife to enjoy when you join us on one of our voyages. One spot to watch for is the Pirate’s Bar on Pineforest Bay, which we visit on our Kaş – Kekova voyage.

If you really want to make the most of your sea-induced appetite, then join the Dinner Dining Tour, for an unforgettable evening supper. As you enjoy fresh fish and traditional Turkish food under a starlit sky, you have the option of being entertained by an Udi or Turkish violin player.


5.      Our gulet cruise and gulet holidays are just the best

Overall, people go on holiday to have a good time. Given the attention we pay to your comfort and safety on board our boats, taking a sailing holiday in Turkey is one way to feel very special, indeed.

Customers also need to know that there is nothing intrusive about our gulet cruise, since we leave the craft at night for your privacy and rejoin it using our tender boat the next morning; just another great reason why you should take a sailing holiday in Turkey.


Snorkeling in Kaş, Kalkan and Kekova

Best Snorkeling in Kaş, Kalkan and Kekova

The person seeking a snorkeling holiday has a number of requirements. Among them is lots of clear, blue and warm water in which to swim, beautiful surroundings and superb, exotic sea life to enjoy when he or she gets “down there.” It also helps if he or she has access to snorkeling equipment, a sea scooter and an underwater camera when he or she arrives at their diving destination.

The experienced snorkeler knows that snorkeling is hungry business and would like to eat delicious and ample foods at intervals along his trip. He also wants to enjoy his snorkeling holiday surrounded by fellow divers and friends.

If this sounds like you, then snorkeling in Kaş is likely to be your ideal holiday.


Food for snorkelers

On snorkeling trips in Kaş, our guide will always accompany you every step of the way. The price of the trips include the use of vital equipment, such as snorkels and fins, goggles and masks; all new and good quality.

Snorkelers can also use the sea scooter and sub aquatic camera. In addition, our boats are fitted with VHS cameras, life rafts and radars, and equipped with lifejackets and fire extinguishers. Everyone on board is expected to obey the safety rules, as laid out by the Captain, at all times.

You can hire a boat on a daily basis or avail of one of our weekly voyages. Depending on the terms of your trip, your boat can host between six and twelve people daily, and between six and eight people on a boat that has been hired for a week. The price of our voyage includes three daily meals, prepared by the on-board chef, plus limitless water, tea, coffee and fruit.

Our day trips are inclusive of lunch, prepared on board while you are enjoying the morning excursion into the sea. Sample menus include Turkish mezes and grilled kebabs, all prepared from fresh and organic ingredients.

The many good reasons for diving deep

One of the beauties of snorkeling in Kaş is the sheer number of places to which you can travel. No one on a serious snorkelling holiday should miss Aquarium Cove. True to its name, the clear blue waters are filled with exotic sea creatures, making the experience almost like swimming in an enormous glass tank. You can visit Aquarium Cove on a Kaş – Kekova day trip or as a location on our Kaş – Kekova and Kaş – Antalya voyages.

Shipyard Cove, near Kekova, is the site of an earthquake that pulled apart the Lycian coast nearly two thousand years ago. Historians believe that it may be the site that gave rise to the legend of Atlantis. Diving to the sea floor to see the ancient homes and roads that were swallowed by the sea is one highlight of snorkelling in Kaş. You can visit Shipyard Cove on our Kaş – Islands tour or as a location on our Kaş – Kekova voyage.

No serious snorkeling holiday in this part of the world should exclude Kaputaş Beach. Landlubbers can only make the journey by foot, which means walking down to the beach in the blazing sun. Holidaymakers on board one of our boats, however, can simply sail into its harbour and gasp at the sight of the beige sand against the clear turquoise of the water – no surprise that it has been called one of the world’s most beautiful beaches.

Not far away is the Mavi Magra, or Blue Cave, and, really, the only way to see it is by putting on snorkelling gear and diving in. Near at hand again is Güvercin or Pigeon Island, so-named because of its extensive bird population. However, its surrounding waters cover the stone sculpture of a shark – what more could a snorkeler want to dive down to?

You can visit both Mavi Magra and Pigeon Island as part of the Kaş – Kaputas tour. You can also visit Pigeon Island as part of the Kaş – Islands tour or as a location on the Kaş – Kekova voyage. If you are really seeking adventure on your snorkelling holiday, then do not neglect to dive with us off of the Greek island of Kastellorizo, where we explore an underwater canyon and a shipwreck.

And finally..

Snorkelers can also revel in the Kaş – Full Moon Tour, which includes a swim in the magical, moonlit waters off Besmi Island.

There are many more snorkeling locations around Kaş, Kalkan and Kekova; taking a dip, for example, in the cool waters of Kalkan Bay. And while solo snorkeling can be fun, most snorkelers feel safer and have more fun in the company of other enthusiasts, on our snorkelling trips in Kaş.


2015 season is almost upon

The waiting is almost over; the new, 2015 season is almost upon us. My wife and I have been travelling over the last few months; we’re relaxed, refreshed, and ready to welcome a whole host of first timers, as well as veteran holidaymakers, to the Turkish Riviera.

We’ve got plenty of bookings already, but, if you’re looking for holiday inspiration this summer, this could be the year that you consider crewed boat rental in Turkey, sampling everything that the Turquoise Coast has to offer, aboard one of our fabulous vessels.

We’d simply love to have you aboard.

Whether you’re eager to visit some of the attractions in Kas, such as Kaputas beach and Lion’s tomb, intrigued by the snorkelling tours on offer throughout the region, or simply want to experience the decadence of living aboard an exclusive yacht charter in Kas, Turkey, the opportunities for relaxation and exploration, in the Turkish Riviera, are endless.

If you’ve never been on a cruise before, we, here at Boat Trip Turkey, offer a wide range of packages to suit every taste and budget. We are dedicated to ensuring that we provide a unique, custom-built experience for all our guests.

Unlike other crewed boat hire companies in the region, we work with you, to help you put together a package which encompasses everything that you want to see, as well as that little bit extra; we believe we offer some of the most comprehensive and enjoyable private boat tours in Kas.

Whether you find yourself dining al fresco on the top deck of one of our boats, while the sun sets, charging through the crystal clear waters on our sea scooters or water skis, or searching for the Lost City of Atlantis, aboard one of our Kekova boat trips, our devoted team are here to cater to your every whim in 2015.

If you want to know more about what we have to offer, feel free to drop us a line on +90 542 731 23 58 and one of our knowledgeable staff will be more than happy to answer any of your queries.

Once we’ve answered all your questions, and you’ve made the decision to book with us, it’s time to put your feet up, relax, and prepare yourself for the experience of a lifetime.

We can’t wait to welcome you aboard!


It is hard to write brief information about Kekova, it has to be seen to be understood.Your lasting memories of this hidden paradise will be all the myriad shades of blue and green in it’s texture and  pure waters, it’s  rich history, and it’s exquisite nature welcoming all  visitors.  For these riches Kekova attracts  thousands of tourists every year to this region of historical value which is situated between Kas and Demre districts of Antalya. The most spectacular ancient remain in the region is the fortress on the top of a hill built by Knights of Rhodes (Knights Hospitaller). The wall fragments below the sea level and the old pier carved into the rocks are also worth visiting.

During the Lycian period, most of Kekova Island submerged due to earthquakes. That’s why the region is also referred to Sunken City. Facing Kekova, it’s Kalekoy (also named as Simena) where you will notice a 300-seat theatre carved into the rock within the Medieval castle on the hillside. At the same time, you’ll see totally lovely houses and restaurants in Kalekoy. Local girls and young women display their traditional handicraft works at these restaurants.

You can get to Kalekoy and Kekova only by boat.

Kekova region is a must-see for sailing routes of all yacht charters as Kekova has everything a tourist is looking for: a long-established historical texture, the purest bays of the Mediterranean, a unique nature, a rich cultural heritage. As for other Kekova facts, the ruins of Lycian tombs can be found in Ucagiz harbour town within the boundaries of Kekova region.


One of the most tranquil sailing routes for boats, Kekova is the most suitable location for those who not only seek escaping  from noisy city life and spending holidays in a peaceful environment, but also those who want to stay in the middle of pure nature and the sea. To note some more brief information about Kekova, the accommodation options available are rather limited as the region is still untouched and small in area. With just  3 guesthouses and 1 boutique hotel, Kalekoy cordially receives its guests, who seek peace. You can both swim and make excursions to the historical ruins there.


There are utterly lovely restaurants and cafés in Simena. While the restaurants usually serve daily fish meals, they also offer all types of food and drinks according to your request. If you wish, you can take the small tour boats to Ucagiz, departing from Simena and eat at the restaurants there.


Kekova is a quite pristine region and hence, there are no entertainment facilities available. However, we should note about Kekova facts on nightlife that there is a bar at Gokkaya Bay, accessible by boats only.Your music is the sound of the sea,your sparkling lights the stars above.


There are no big stores or gift shops in this small friendly town. But if they wish, our guests can choose to buy some of the delicate handicraft work of the local girls and young women in the island as a memory from Kekova.


The region is famous for its breath-taking bays and the sunken city dating back to the  Lycian period. If you like, you can rent a crewed yacht exclusively for you or join the boat trips for groups in this region so that you’ll have the opportunity for swimming in the charming bays which are accessible only from the sea, and closely exploring the sunken city. Sports fans can enjoy the sea kayak tours organized at Ucagiz. They will be able do watersports, swim, and discover the sunken city in the meantime.

If history and nature are your passions, you can take hiking trips in the region to explore the ruins dating back to Lycian and subsequent periods.


To give some brief information about Kalkan, we should first note that it’s a small harbour town 30 kms from Kas, which has a beauty resembling a fine painting. A quite vibrant town in the summetime, Kalkan is renowned for boat trips, yacht charters, bars, hotels, guesthouses, and fish restaurants as well as local attractions and various activities available in town.

Kalkan facts about its history are as follows: A town aligned to Kas district, Kalkan was founded by the merchants residing in Megisti Island nearby during the Ottoman reign, and was a prominent port of the age. But later, the role of maritime trade activities in the region diminished with the opening of the  Antalya road and hence the merchants deserted Kalkan.

Today, foreign residents of Kalkan are mainly the British. The famous Classical historian Herodotus referred to Kalkan as, “The Closest Place On Earth To The Stars”. With its pristine natural beauties and the ancient Lycian remains in its vicinity, Kalkan is a notable touristic destination in Turkey of global significance.

Kalkan is divided into three quarters by land. The first one is used as a bazaar today and includes narrow streets where old houses line each side. The landside quarter is a rather new settlement with estates and new developments. These mansions are generally built on the slopes for the impressive sea vista’s. Finally, the last quarter contains splendid hotels and mansions. A prominent touristic destination like it’s neighbouring town:,Kas, Kalkan is very close to Patara Beach, Kaputas Beach, and Blue Grotto, which are famous attractions in Turkey, and draw thousands to Kalkan every year.

The main economic  income for is Kalkan is tourism and  local people are striving to protect the historical texture of Kalkan. Please contact us for more detailed Kalkan.


Kalkan is a resort with ever-increasing tourism potential, with it’s marina serviced by advanced yachting facilities, bars, and fish restaurants. Besides its energetic nightlife, Kalkan offers several restaurants inviting you for idyllic seafront dining underneath the stars. You can take a seat at one of those excellent restaurants arrayed along the harbour and watch the breath-taking sunset and fishing boats.

Just like Kaş ,when eating in Kalkan you can find selections from various cuisines of the world as well as Aegean and Mediterranean style meals.

After a delicious dinner by the coast, now it’s time to party! You can enjoy yourself at your favourite bar and meet new people there. Please contact us for more details on Kalkan facts about entertainment facilities.


Let’s introduce you some other Kalkan facts about it’s places worth visiting. One of the most attractive attractions about Kalkan, Islamlar village, 6-7 km from Kalkan is a heaven on earth for it’s lush,endless  greenery. Having lunch in one of the several restaurants available in this village, where it is cool even in the summertime and trout farming is carried out.

Another highlight during your visit to Kalkan is the Blue Grotto, limited to sea access only. You will be able to see this unique natural formation by renting a boat from Kas or Kalkan. By taking a boat trip, you’ll be also able to visit the sunken city nearby. Don’t miss the worldwide-famous Kaputas Beach and the second longest beach in Turkey, Patara Beach, where you can enjoy sunbathing and swimming.


Located right between Kas and Kalkan, you can access exceptionally beautiful Kaputas Beach both by road and by boats which you can rent from Kas or Kalkan.

Most of the beaches in Kas-Kalkan region consist of pebbles. However, Kalkan is quite close to Patara Beach with it’s exquisite sand. You will be easily able to visit Patara Beach as a day trip as it’s close to Kalkan. For those who choose to stay in the town, Kalkan Beach with little pebbles and the other small beaches are available.