Kas welcomes you with its fascinating distant panoramic views as you head to the town. To give some brief information about Kas and it’s geographical location, we should draw a rectangle between Cukurbag Peninsula, the lovely Greek island Megisti (Kastellorizo), Inceburun Cape and Uluburun peninsulas – where the remains of the shipwreck currently exhibited at Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archaeology were unearthed. Although  it’s a very small town in terms of land, Kas has a well-established history. It’s separated into two quarters by the shops aligned on the left hand side of the main avenue. The shops, restaurant, and bars surrounding Cumhuriyet Square forms the town centre of Kas and is ever-dynamic. You can have wonderful time in Kas as it offers a broad range of activities and there are many stores available for shopping. Kas square is literally the heart of the town pulsing with human and vehicle traffic in the narrow roads dating back to the old Lycian city and the friendly side streets. Some other Kas facts are the shops arrayed on each side of its most famous avenue Uzun Carsi, its charming old houses embellished by paper flowers, its exceptional natural beauties, cultural heritage, and unique distinctive style.


Let’s give some brief information about Kas accommodation facilities.Despite it’s small size, Kas hosts plenty of hotels and holiday accommodation.Briefly, you will come across guesthouses, boutique villa’s, apartments, camping  far more often than huge hotels operating all inclusive resort style accommodation. There are over 125 facilities to stay in Kas, offering all types and systems of accommodation suitable for your needs.

You can jump into the cool waters of Kas from the platforms built by hotels on rocks or you can choose to rent a boat in Kas Marina to visit the fascinating bays in the region.


While the famous Mediterranean diet is dominant in the town, Kas is a crossroad of international cuisines with it’s variety of restaurants offering a large selection of regional and national dining options suitable for everyone. Most of the restaurants there are located around the square facing the harbour and at side streets. Guests visiting Kas experience a real feast while dining in the garden restaurants adorned by lemon and olive trees – typically Mediterranean! Dining in Kaş with it’s own inimitable style is a true delight.


The bars and cafés in Kas, where you can have great times, are usually located around the city square and the shoreline facing the marina, the departure point for boat trips and yacht rentals. You can also come across different types of entertainment in side streets and garden lounges. The Mediterranean nights start with sweet melodies of Turkish music as well as pop, jazz, and rock genres and continues until late night without disturbing the silence and peace which so many guests seek here  . Please contact us for more details on Kas facts about entertainment facilities.


You arrived in Kas, settled at where you’ll spend your holiday, had dinner, and then stopped off somewhere for entertainment at night. What about other days? We feel responsible to give you some brief information about  activities around Kaş which are available in countless options for everyone. You can see the mesmerizing turquoise bays (most are without road access) nestling in all shades of blue by boat trips and yacht charters. You will also have the opportunity to see the sunken city near Kas. You can also go diving to explore the underwater treasures.

If you want to have the ultimate excitement and see Kas from a bird’s eye view, then paragliding is a perfect choice for you. Other activities like jeep safari tours, sea kayak are also available.

(For detailed information on Kas facts-activities, please see the following page: Activities and Services.)


You can find all types of conveniences from supermarkets and small shops  in Kas. Shopping is a real pleasure in this town so we want to give some brief information about Kas shopping. You can find a huge range of products suitable for every budget such as souvenirs, ancient and modern style silver jewellery, local rugs and carpets, antiques, and products of handicrafts like glassware, ceramicware, fine porcelain items, copperware. You can also visit the marketplace where every Friday a local bazaar is opened and you can buy fresh fruit and vegetables produced by local villagers. Please contact us for more detailed Kas facts.


One of the hottest resorts in Turkey, the average water temperature is Kas doesn’t fall below 160 C even in January or February. The closest beach to Kas is Little Pebbles Beach lying just on the east of Kas Marina and serving many hotels and guesthouses nearby. You can jump into the sea off the platforms in front of the hotels and guesthouses at Little Pebbles Beach. Another beach is Big Pebbles Beach, only 1 km from Kas, and you can access it easily either walking or by minibus. Due to the cold water streams in the vicinity, the sea water temperature at this beach is cooler compared to other beaches nearby. Referring to its name, this beach is larger than its sister: Little Pebbles Beach. There are restaurants and various service facilities  along the beach and it’s a quite pleasant place to spend your day with your family. Harbour Mouth Beach consists of several small beaches near Kas. Since Harbour Mouth Beach doesn’t have road access, you can only go there by small boats departing from Kas once in every quarter hour. The other options you can pick for swimming  around Kas are Hidayet Bay, Incebogaz Beach, and Akcagerme Beach.

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