Frequently Asked Questions

Why take a Blue Voyage?

Blue Voyages offer a rare opportunity to spend time in quiet bays far from the stress of city life, a chance to relax and reflect while inhaling pure nature and rich history together.

How much does it cost to hire Gulsah Boat?

The hiring fee depends upon which tour is selected; please contact us for prices.

What is included and not in the rental fee?

Airport transfer, land tours, alcohol and non-alcohol beverages, customs fees and taxes (associated with the Greek isle tours) are not included. All meals are included.

Which tour should I choose?

We guarantee that which ever tour you pick you will be satisfied. The important factors when choosing a tour are the activities you prefer, if, for example, you like swimming and snorkelling, choose one of the Blue Voyage tours; if you want to spend a special evening with your wife or girlfriend, elect the special evening tour.

Will the boat be for my party only, or shared with strangers?

As a rule, our boat is booked to specific parties only, that is you will not sail with people outside of your own group.

Can we design our own blue voyage program?

Yes; We can reconfigure any of our tours or voyages to accommodate your preferences.

Is there a tour program that includes a visit to Greece?

Yes; our Meis island tour takes you to the Greek island just off the coast of Kaş. If you select this tour you can immerse yourself for a day in Greek culture.

If we have embarked on a tour with you, is it possible to make un-planned changes along the way?

It is possible only so long as the revised destinations are reasonably close to those planned; so long as the route is the same, we are willing to make minor adjustments

What shall I bring with me?

During our tours you will participate in outdoor activities such as swimming, sun tanning, and possibly jet skiing. You should bring sun protection, two different swimming costumes, enough towels, sneakers for land walks, sun glasses, hats, etc. And in preparation for cool evenings, bring a long-sleeved shirt or jacket and trousers.

What foods do you serve?

Our kitchen is versatile: all sorts of meals can be prepared on board, whatever you fancy. If left to our decision, we will choose to cook easy-to-digest meals during the summer months for your health. Mainly olive oil-based Mezes, pastas, grilled meat, chicken and fish, especially locally caught fresh fish varieties. Salads and yogurt accompany almost every meal.

I am vegetarian or on a diet, can you cook special meals for me?

If you let us know in advance of your preferences, we will do our best to come up with a special menu for you.

Can I bring my pet?

To maintain hygiene standards, we do not generally allow pets onboard. Please talk to us before the tour for rare exceptions.

Can I smoke on board

On deck-Yes, but in the cabins-No; linen in cabins can easily catch fire; any damages caused by fire or cigarette burns will be the responsibility of the smoking guest.

Can I charge phone, computer or iPad onboard?

Yes we have the equipment necessary for you to charge any of your electronic devises.