Boating Life

To watch sunrises and sunsets off shore, to start the brand new day breathing the smell of freah,clean air and tangy  sea water or navigating along the deep blue sea free from rush of big city life. Boating life is a pleasure like no other. The sound of the waves, smell of sea water, delicious food, courteous service, calm and peaceful holidays. Our boat trips offer  a range of options to our boating guests, addressing the tastes of all age groups.

Our  gracious team of staff welcomes our boating guests as soon as they step on our boat and as far as possible, our staff will be at our guests’ disposal for anything they need during their boating holidays.

Our guests can sunbathe on the deck, read their favorite books, or jump into the cool waters of the Mediterranean when we anchor into the matchless bays of Kas Kekova region.Be comfortable,our boat is your boat!

Many may wonder  about what to do on boat to have pleasant time or whether they may be bored, but there are countless activities to do on a yacht charter. Joining in pleasant talks with travelmates and playing board games, backgammon, rummikub, scrabble and  uno are just a few examples. Moreover, all our guests can swim using the goggles, flippers, and snorkels available on our boat, catch the different species of fish endemic to Kas region with our fishing sets for free, explore among the beauties of the sea driving our sea jet, practice sports using our equipments like paddle board and kayak. Our guests will have a more cheerful holiday as they benefit from all these free-of-charge pieces of equipment on  board. There are also paid-activities such as water ski-ing and ringo’s are also available for the watersports fans among our guests. On our Kas Kekova trip, our guests will stay overnight in different bays and our boat will set sail during the day depending on the wind conditions.

The Kas Kekova region is a paradise for boat trips as well as being able to boast about its rich historical heritage. If requested in the course of our yacht charter, our guests can go ashore to visit the Lycian ruins in the vicinity of Kas Kekova region and take a walk among the historical sites guided by our captain.

On holidays, many are concerned with questions about food. Particularly, our guests on yacht charter will probably wonder about the meals to be served on the boat where they will spend their whole holiday. Since our boat will be privately rented to you, you will be asked to fill out the information form in advance to note your food preferences and mention any  food allergies or special dietary requirements. Thereby, our chef will be able to cook delicious meals including all-fresh vegetables and fruits for you.

You won’t believe your eyes as the day fades away so quickly both in serenity and adventure, and you’ll fall asleep in ultimate peace below the stars,lulled by the gentle swaying of the boat like a baby in a cradle. You will feel the pleasure of boating life to your heart’s content.