The Evocative Ruins of Ancient Lycia: Part 1: Aperlae

The sunken city of Kekova is perhaps the most famous of the ancient 1000-year (and older) Lycian ruins in the Kas region. They are a commonly regarded as a must-see on most cruising and sailing itineraries and indeed, they make for a great excursion. However, what few people know is that the ruins of Aperlae […]

Caretta Caretta (Loggerhead) Turtles

See Caretta Caretta (Loggerhead) Turtles while cruising with captain Ergun Few sights are as majestic as encountering a magnificent Caretta Caretta sea turtle swimming in the turquoise waters of the Turkish Mediterranean when snorkelling on a boat cruise with us. The coastal region where we travel is located exactly in the middle of two of […]

Top 4 Tips Of Cooking On A Boat

Have you planned a boat trip with your friends on your birthday? Truly, it is a great idea. But the thought of turning out good meals aboard is quite overwhelming. You might think, cooking is cooking, but it will not work. The limited stock, appliances, constant movement and heat on the boat determines the cooking process […]

Why to choose us

WHY CHOOSE US: Simple we get the recipe just right. We listen. We give you that experience you’ve been dreaming of while sitting at your desk at work. It’s a custom made holiday according to your tastes. While there are myriad charter companies plying their trade along the famed Turquoise Coast, our team distinguishes itself […]

Perfect Mediterranean Holidays: Luxury Gulet Cruise Turkey

Seasoned luxury yacht charter travelers know that in all the Mediterranean, the southern coast of Turkey offers the most opportunities for gorgeous expanses of sun & sea, picturesque bays and adventure-filled diving destinations. Why do romantics who have done it all keep coming back to southern Turkey for more? Let’s take a closer look. What […]

5 good reasons Gulet Cruise in Turkey

No one needs a reason to go on holiday. However, people do ask questions, and in case you are stuck for words, here are five good reasons why you might take the gulet cruise in Turkey of a lifetime. 1.      The beauty of it all The coastline of the Antalya province of Turkey is one of […]

Snorkeling in Kaş, Kalkan and Kekova

Best Snorkeling in Kaş, Kalkan and Kekova The person seeking a snorkeling holiday has a number of requirements. Among them is lots of clear, blue and warm water in which to swim, beautiful surroundings and superb, exotic sea life to enjoy when he or she gets “down there.” It also helps if he or she […]

2015 season is almost upon

The waiting is almost over; the new, 2015 season is almost upon us. My wife and I have been travelling over the last few months; we’re relaxed, refreshed, and ready to welcome a whole host of first timers, as well as veteran holidaymakers, to the Turkish Riviera. We’ve got plenty of bookings already, but, if […]

Local Facts and Information

One of the 7 regions in Turkey, The Mediterranean Region boasts its many prominent touristic destinations. Kas is a district of Antalya province and 189 km from the city. Kas is the coolest town across the Mediterranean coast of Turkey in the summertime yet where the temperature never drops below 0°C in winters. It lays […]


It is hard to write brief information about Kekova, it has to be seen to be understood.Your lasting memories of this hidden paradise will be all the myriad shades of blue and green in it’s texture and  pure waters, it’s  rich history, and it’s exquisite nature welcoming all  visitors.  For these riches Kekova attracts  thousands […]